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YesAB Ventures (P) Ltd

YesAB Ventures (P) Ltd. a newly transformed company from AB Associates, is a leading investigation and back-ground verification company.

We integrate our expertise and experience with proven technology to offer professional fraud investigation and We enjoy strong customer loyalty even as new clients are engaging us to benefit from our services.We enjoy strong customer loyalty even as new clients are engaging us to benefit from our services.We enjoy strong customer loyalty even as new clients are engaging us to benefit from our services.

Mission—Our philosophy

Working closely with our clients and understanding the life-cycle of their businesses—right from their processes to reporting systems.

Identifying risk and conducting background screening ser-vices in a confidential and ethical manner; without affecting the business of clients. Through optimum use of latest market strategies and our network of strategic contacts, we aim to enjoy long standing working relationship based on trust, credibility and performance with our esteemed clients.


YesAB Ventures fraud risk management services and background screening services are contracted by leading companies with di-verse portfolios across India.

We intend achieving our mission by :

We ensure speed and accuracy of information through EASY— our unique user-friendly software.

Mobile application for fast uploading of auditable cases and verification of the same. User EASY , where cases can be uploaded directly and auditing can be done online. The software can decrease auditor cost, and location wise auditors report that can be published through the portal. Our software have complete data security features and it is on US based server.

Clients may have limited in-house resource or expertise for fraud risk management and background screening services. This is where YesAB Ventures fills the gap in the most efficient and reliable manner. Ensuring accurate and timely delivery of information for clients, in different fields and with different needs.

Why YesAB Ventures?

Our Field team network has presence in all major parts of Rajasthan, including rural areas. User friendly software EASY that reduces turn around time and costing for the client in day to day operations and end to end working.

Has a track record of working with a positive attitude and enjoys goodwill with clients. Endeavors to identify risk and at the same time, ensure that businesses or operations of clients are not affected or disrupted.

YesAB has a strong team and network of around 120 dedicated employees (full time and contracted channels) with the required expertise and experience Strong network with administration enforcement agencies (CID, judiciary and the Police) Played a vital role in supporting CID to crack the economic offences of organised nature such as the credit cards cloning case in 2006. Supported major insurance companies to resolve around 8000 fake claim by providing relevant evidence.