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Matrimonial Verification (Marriage Proposals checks)

'Matrimonial Verification (Marriage Proposals checks) ', 'WE AT YesAB Venturs Do a STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL AND PRIVATE Verification of proposed matrimonial of marriage proposals and helping them out to find there perfect matching soul mates or life partners. At this moment of time where life has gone so fast and due to lack of time most of us are using print media and outsourcing agency / Online services for search of reliable and perfect matching life partners, and these outsourcing channels are totally professional and they too are mostly not known about the prospective and recommended candidates profiles. Thus we all depend on the particulars provided by them in form of biodata. We are also avail of prevailing frauds in marriage relationships by misrepresenting and hiding personal information for sake of any benefit. An Strictly confidential and personalized Verification of biodata is done by us of proposed life partner (bride or groom) in which we check his detailed profile, earning sources, monthly earnings, his personal conduct, behavior, family background, and any past mishappening in his/her life. Any specific query raised is also been investigated in this. Either we only verify the details provided by client in this verification with some additional general information.



  • Address check
  • House ownership status
  • Source of earnings
  • Tentative Monthly earnings
  • Neighbour Feedbacks
  • Any past mishappenings
  • Detailed Profile check
  • Family Background check
  • Employment Checks
  • Tentative Monthly earnings
  • Personal conduct & Behaviour
  • Reference Feedbacks
  • Any specific Query raised by client