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RCU/FCU Training Model

RCU/FCU Training Model

RCU Tranning Online Application Forms

Enrollment number  ABC7

  • All field must be fill on line
  • Fee for training despite in favor od AB associates A/C no IFS code NEFT all details available on
  • After depositing Fee you get receipt acknowledgement which is bring with us on the day of Training for the purpose of entry
  • Once Fee deposited it will be nonrefundable. In case some problems on said days Fee will be carry forward for next training Schedule.
  • Fee must be deposited before 7 days of training dates.
  • In case any problems you can send email on   or call us 7726051000 for assistance .
  • Name of Venues & address, schedule of training all send via SMS or email of each participant before 3 days training dates
  •   I/we, am/are accepted, read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the above terms and conditions (including ammenments therof), mentioned here in to. ...